hobbitdance asked:

Hey, I've been balding for a few years now and soon I shall remove it. I'm waiting for the day to come sometime in the next month or so. Seeing you take pride in how you look makes me look forward to removing all the stress and anxiety my hair has caused me. Thank you very much.

It’s all about confidence. You’re beautiful with or without it, ya know. But thank you:) that means a lot.

Anonymous asked:

Holy shit! I've just been looking down the alopecia tag (I have it myself, totally bald now oh dear) and you look so beautiful. I'm not just saying that as another sufferer trying to make you feel better about yourself, but you are genuinely so beautiful, you're very fortunate x

Thank you so much! :)

Anonymous asked:

Hi, just thought I should tell you that you are beautiful whether you are completely bald or wearing a wig. Hair does not matter at all. Your face and your personality is what makes you beautiful.

Thank you :)